2-Factor Authentication

What is two-factor authentication?
It is an extra layer of security used to make sure people trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are. In addition to a username and password, the second piece of information is provided to confirm authenticity. This is typically something you know (additional security questions), something you have (something sent to a smartphone), or something you are (a fingerprint).

Why do I NEED two-factor authentication?
Very few people will argue that cybercriminals are a threat to individuals and businesses. However, there is still a disconnect between protecting our online lives as diligently as we protect our physical ones. Imagine if you never locked your front door. All a criminal would need to know to steal from you is your address. Simply protecting your important online accounts with a password is like leaving the door unlocked and hoping they don’t guess your address. Enabling two-factor authentication is ensuring the door to your important information is locked to anyone who doesn’t have the key.

How do I enable two-factor authentication?
There can be different steps for different websites and apps. The easiest place to start is by asking your Computer Systems Plus technician or opening a service ticket.