10 Reasons to Embrace a Third-Party Backup Solution for Microsoft Office 365 by Redstor

Relying solely on native Microsoft Office 365 Backup might not be enough to ensure the comprehensive protection your critical data demands. That’s where third-party Microsoft Office 365 backup solutions, like Redstor, step in, offering myriad benefits that can make all the difference.

Let’s dive into the top 10 reasons why embracing a third-party backup solution for Microsoft Office 365 is better for securing your data.

Reason 1: Protect your whole Microsoft Office 365 environment

Native Microsoft 365 Backup does a decent job safeguarding SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange online data, third-party solutions take data protection to the next level. A third-party solution provides comprehensive protection for all Microsoft 365 data, covering Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and OneNote (Class and Staff Notebooks).

Rest easy knowing that every critical piece of sensitive data is protected and recoverable, significantly reducing the risk of data loss due to accidental deletion, malicious actions, or software failures.

Reason 2: Granular Recovery – recover specific items, not everything

One of the standout features of third-party solutions is their granular recovery options. Forget about the hassle of recovering the entire database or site when you only need to retrieve specific items such as emails, files, folders, or SharePoint documents.

Granular recovery with third-party backup solutions can save you time and effort.

Reason 3: Extend Retention to keep you compliant

Every organization has unique compliance and retention requirements. Native Microsoft 365 retention policies might not always align perfectly with your needs.

Third-party backup solutions put you in control, allowing you to set custom retention periods, ensuring that your customer’s data is retained for precisely as long as required, keeping you compliant and worry-free.

Reason 4: Protect your Microsoft Office 365 backups from Ransomware

Cyber-criminals are becoming increasingly adept at hiding their activities, moving around inside business networks before targeting organizations’ backups. Malware frequently lays undetected for longer than most retention policies, typically set for 90 or 180 days, indicating you might recover data infected with malware.

Malware Detection within a third-party backup solution adds a second layer of protection to remove threats from within your backup data, helping ensure malware-free recoveries.

Reason 5: Ability to Storage Microsoft Office 365 data outside of Microsoft’s infrastructure

Redundancy is a must in data protection. Third-party backup solutions can store your data independently of Microsoft’s infrastructure, adding an extra layer of protection.

Ensuring your data remains safe despite catastrophic failures within the Microsoft 365 environment.

Reason 6: Migrate your Microsoft Office 365 data easier

Change is inevitable, and you may need to migrate data to a different platform or transition to a new Microsoft 365 tenant. A third-party backup solution ensures a smooth and secure migration, minimizing disruptions.

Reason 7: Centrally manage Microsoft Office 365 data in one place

Managing backups for multiple clients and Microsoft Office 365 accounts can be daunting. Third-party backup solutions are usually designed for multitenancy, offering a single interface for centralized management. This streamlines administration simplifies monitoring, and makes reporting a breeze. If you’re an IT service provider, this is a big deal.

Reason 8: Compliance and Legal Support

Navigating compliance and legal requirements can be complex. Third-party solutions often come equipped with features that assist with compliance and eDiscovery, making searching, retrieving, and exporting data for legal purposes easier.

Reason 9: Customization and Advanced Reporting

Greater control over your data protection strategies is essential. Third-party backup solutions offer advanced reporting, auditing, and customization options, putting you in the driver’s seat when protecting your data.

Reason 10: Vendor Expertise and Support

When you opt for a third-party backup solution, you gain access to specialized expertise in backup and recovery. Vendors like Redstor provide dedicated support, offer guidance on best practices, and ensure timely updates to address evolving backup requirements.

In conclusion, the reasons to embrace a third-party backup solution for Microsoft Office 365 are compelling.

Adopting a third-party backup solution for Microsoft Office 365 can provide you with more comprehensive protection and recovery options, easier data migration, streamlined and centralized management, enhanced compliance and legal support, customizable reporting, and the dedicated expertise accompanying third-party backup solutions. Try Redstor for 30 days and you’ll fall in love with their back-up solution. Contact us today to get started.