Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

It’s funny, most of the time when we talk about change, our gut instinct is to reject such an awful thought. Who wants to change? Do we really need to change things? If it’s not broken, why bother fixing something? There may be the few and far in-between ones who enjoy a little switch up in their life, but I would say the majority don’t like it. Safe and secure. Consistent work environment. But sometimes good things need to come to an end for something even better to take its place. And therefore, the dreaded C-word has to come into the picture. But hey, it doesn’t have to be that bad. Here are some tips we drummed up for you and your business so that your team can embrace the unknown and dive into something new. You got this.

First things first: Accept it.

The best thing to do when change is brought into the picture, especially in the workplace is to accept it. Yes, just go with the flow and try something new. Because the thing is, you don’t know you don’t like brussel sprouts until you taste them. And sometimes you either learn to like them or you can’t stand them, but you also know you should eat them anyway because it’s good for you. Weird correlation? Probably. But when your boss or leader wants to try something new. You may not be super thrilled about the idea, but what if once you try it, you actually end up really liking it. If you only stay with what is familiar and comfortable, you will never know you might like it to begin with. Just accept it. Embrace it. Soak it all in.

Looking through new lenses.

As much as being comfortable is wonderful it can lead to stale and a stagnant workflow, sure having a flow is good, but when you reach a point where you are doing the same thing day in and day out a lack of creativity and new ideas are potentially going to run dry. Change brings freshness and a new perspective. You know that saying “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”? It applies to this. In Computer System Plus’s case, it may be learning new software. Sure it can be frustrating, but what if the system is only going to help improve workflow, create better communication among the team, and help our clients succeed in their businesses? Be willing to accept change and look at it through the new lenses that you have been given, it may surprise you how much better you will end up seeing.

Stop isolating and take charge.

Often times when change starts happening in the workplace we want to go crawl into a little hole and not talk to anyone and deal with anything. While that may seem like an easy solution, it’s not the healthiest or most productive. We are responsible for our actions and our attitude. We have control when it comes to what we think, say, and do. We don’t have control over the circumstances around us, but we do have control over how we react and handle those circumstances. We have that responsibility and we must use it to our best ability.

Help that cubicle next to you.

Cubicle, office, remote, wherever you find yourself working, chances are your coworker may be feeling overwhelmed by new changes too. Sometimes the best thing to do is take the focus off of yourself and focus on others. Often times the act of helping others will also help you deal with the stress and uncomfortable feelings of change that you too are dealing with. Take them out to lunch, have a conversation about how you both are feeling and help each other move forward.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

We have all heard the saying, “Communication is key.” And despite knowing the saying it often goes forgotten due to wanting to avoid conflict or being afraid to say something. But, when things are changing in your workplace, whether large or local, communication is critical. If there isn’t proper communication, information may be filled with rumors or speculations, which is only going to lead to more misunderstanding and potential disappointment. Communicating effectively will better alleviate your worries and stress and help your leaders better assist and help you with the change.

Change is inevitable. In order to grow, you must implement change with a good attitude and an open mind. Yes, it will stretch you professionally, and while the stretch may feel uncomfortable, challenging, or disruptive, there are benefits to change. Learning new skills, understanding a new program, or a better way to work with your team as a whole can all come with change. Learn to embrace it with the right attitude and you never know the opportunities that can come forth. Like the philosopher, Heraclitus once said, “The only constant in life, is Change.”