The State of Ransomware in 2022

This isn’t the first time we have talked about ransomware. In fact, we like to bring it up a lot because, regardless of the size of your business, anyone can get hit with this. In fact, 66% of organizations were hit by ransomware in the last year according to SOPHOS’ recent study:

“Sophos commissioned research agency, Vanson Bourne, to conduct an independent, vendor-agnostic survey of 5,600 IT professionals in mid-sized organizations (100-5,000 employees) across 31 countries. The survey was conducted during January and February 2022, and respondents were asked to respond based on their experiences over the previous year.”

Some highlights that we thought were especially interesting and we think you need to know are these:

1. In this age of technology, attacks are increasing more and more each day.

2. Backups are the #1 method used to restore any data.

3. Once ransomware gets into a system it’s going to take a company up to a month to get all the data recovered.

4. The majority of companies don’t even realize that they do not have the proper skills to stop most ransomware attacks.

5. Be proactive when it comes to looking for threats. If you don’t want to commit to looking for these specific threats you can hire Computer Systems Plus as your personal managed service provider and we will be on the lookout for you!

Obviously, we don’t want to give you every single detail of what we read about in the 2022 SOPHOS’ State of Ransomware Report, so we linked it below to you can read it for yourself. There is a ton of amazing data and great insights that we believe everyone needs to know about in order to better prepare and protect their business from ransomware threats!

Click the link and read away!