When COVID happened – Rob Glass, CEO

The past 7 days have been a flurry of requests….

How do we work remotely?
Can I get access to this here?
What is the cost of not vs the cost of doing?

The answer, yes.

This morning I sat, 6 plus feet, from the other two individuals that keep our day to day operations running, as we planned out responses to clients, government mandates and what we would do if the sun ever came out, one topic came up that from that meeting that really has kept me thinking today….
image if today was 15 years ago?

We were dreaming about 1.5Gb sized “cell” phones, 3G was becoming a thing… for “pocket PCs”… and oh yea we were boasting of 300Gb hard drives… and Windows XP was still a thing.

We have options that we could only dream of 15 years ago. Affordable to everyone. It seems that tech is no longer holding back the business from adapting. So let’s adapt, let’s advance, smarter, stable and securely to a better world.

I have been overwhelmed by the responses of companies like Sophos and Logmein to offer their services, and there are more. Tech companies are playing a front line response like never before and that couldn’t excite me more. Don’t hold back, don’t quarantine those ideas, don’t be scared, don’t stop…. don’t stop. Don’t hold back. Adapt…