When It Comes to Screens…

“When It Comes to Screens, Kids Need A Guide — Not A Disciplinarian”

What a great title! I find the struggle of balancing screen time such a challenge. This NRP interview really gave me some food for thought. The link is below. Check it out.  

In the interview, Sonia Livingstone speaks to the research used in the book, The Art of Screen Time. What does this have to do with Small Business IT? Not anything really, but if you’re like me with kids, you live a breath this stuff daily at work and at home.  

“What does it mean to really be a ‘happy tech parent’ as you call it in your book? What are some examples of the ‘happy geek parent’?”. I get asked all time, so how many computers do you have in the home, or since you own an IT company, I bet your kids are on screens all time. Finding that balance, that happy geek parent balance is tough for all of us, not just the ones working in IT.  

“How does the values-based approach work with parents who are facing something like “should I give my kid a phone,” for example? How do you see parents handling that skillfully?”. This one stopped me in my tracks. My 10-year-old asks me for a phone just about every hour of every day. At some point it’s going to happen; how do I teach her how to handle it skillfully?  

The interview starts to dive deep into doing tech, being on screens together. Instead of instructing the use of the screens, it is more of doing screens together. I imagine it is a lot like teaching your kid how to drive a car, which is frightening in so many ways. First, they see you drive, then you instruct while you drive. Then you let them drive while continuing to instruct. Then finally you let them drive… alone, and yes you trust so much in those little hands that once held your hand in turning the wheel by themselves. I’m not there yet, give me 4.5 years but I’m guessing that’s how it will be.  

Check out the interview, read the book, and share screen time together. Nothing to do with Small Business IT, unless it’s a small family business, ha. Stay safe out there. 


Rob Glass 

CEO – Computer Systems Plus