Why do you need an IT Provider?

Managed IT service provider…MSP…IT support…

Any of these terms sound familiar to you but you don’t necessarily know what it is?

Computer Systems Plus is an IT company that began 36 years ago as a little computer shop on Sevier Ave. Now, it is a full-service managed IT provider who caters to over 100 businesses in the Knoxville and surrounding areas…still on Sevier Ave.

So, what does “full-service” mean? And why do you need it?

When people hear “Computer Systems Plus,” they typically assume that we are just a computer company where you can take your computer to get fixed or call in for a part. But that is NOT what we do. Although, that is a great business model for some, that is no longer ours.

Our business model revolves around the Knoxville small business that does not want to hire an in-house IT person BUT someone in the company spends a significant amount of time trying to “fix” IT problems on a regular basis, which ultimately takes them away from their actual job duties.

That problem could be related to a virus on someone’s computer, someone’s email going down, your internet going out for the 5th time, someone’s monitor turning white, needing a new phone system, googling “tech” terms, figuring out who can wire your new office, accidentally deleting files and needing to go back into your backup to pull them back…OR needing backup and disaster recovery solutions in general!

The headaches that the typical small business owner generally deals with on their own, is what we take away.

We’re the doctors for your IT headaches. Or, your IT pain points, as we like to call them.

Outsourced IT sounds like it’s a big project, but it actually simplifies your daily tasks. Instead of trying to figure out why something isn’t working and then going through a google search of who to call, all you have to do is submit a service ticket to us and your assigned technician will be in response to your request within 4-8 hours.

Most IT problems can be handled remotely and there are certain incidents where your technician will come on-site if needed. All-the-while, you are still serving your own customers and running a business without trying to figure out how to be the “IT guy” for the day…or week.