Do I need an IT company?

We know you’re thinking it. “Do I need an IT company?”

It’s the question every small business owner will ask themselves when they have begun to get in over their head with IT responsibilities, resulting in lots of google searches.

So how can you determine if you need one, and can you afford it?

Here’s a helpful checklist to decide whether the need is there:

1. You want to increase your ROI and save money over time

This sounds counterintuitive, but we all know sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

Sure, an IT company is an investment but this will guarantee that you save on other costs and avoid downtime in your business, which will ultimately increase your ROI.

Hiring a Managed IT Provider gives you an entire team of people you can trust to have your back and go to bat for you. Basically like your own legal team, but for your tech support. You won’t have to worry about viruses, software that doesn’t seem “legit” or have unexpected fees and costs come up. We help you budget for success

Choosing an IT company to take care of you everything month means that you will have the same cost every month, allowing you freedom in financial security since you won’t have any surprises coming your way. But no need to worry if you do, because that’s literally why we exist! We take care of it and it’s included in your monthly rate.

Your ROI on technology will never be an accident and it will always be consistent.

2. You want to beef up your security

Aside from choosing an IT provider to partner with, this should be your number one concern. Security.

We call this Business Continuity. Making sure your data is backed up and SAFE is the most important thing for your business. If you lose your data, you lose time because you will need time to invest in retrieving what was lost. When you lose time, you lose money. When you lose money, you lose your business. I think you see our point.

This doesn’t just happen to large-scale companies. This happens to any business that has a computer and a bank account.

This is why we have made it OUR priority to ensure all of our clients are set up for success and protected. Even our base-level customers have end-point security. Why? We hate dealing with security breaches and seeing our clients suffer due to a lack of planning.

So let’s be preemptive instead of being “fixers.”

We don’t just plan for security breaches, we plan for natural disasters and human mistakes.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

-Benjamin Franklin

Your data will be recovered due to a recovery system that will have already been put in place and the integrity of your business will remain intact.

3. You want to give your clients better service

Have you ever tried answering a call that you know was from a customer, only to have the call dropped or your service in your building is terrible?

Maybe your internet’s slow and it takes you forever to look something up while you’re on the phone with a client.

Does your email consistently just stop working? Not allowing you to get back to customers and employees in a timely manner?

Managed IT providers make sure that your software runs smoothly, your internet is optimal, you have the best phone system and some providers (us!) also wire entire buildings and offices to ensure that your office is designed for clear communication while looking professional.

Giving better service to your clients almost always ends with client referrals…and who doesn’t want those?

4. You want to be more tech-savvy and advance company goals

Managed IT service providers to stay up to date with new cutting-edge technology. The landscape of the industry is ever-increasing, so who can stay up to date with it, other than the experts who live and breathe it?

With certifications and seminars, IT providers ensure that their staff is educated with the most relevant information, which makes YOU in the know and up to date with the latest communication technology.

Typically small business owners don’t have much time to continuously research the best team collaboration tools or the best cloud software…so we do it for it.

Want to be more efficient with Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting but don’t know where to start? Schedule a lunch and learn with your IT provider so they can teach you, helping your team succeed, and advance company goals.

Who knew that IT companies help with team-building skills?? We did