Our Knoxville Non-Profit Christmas Donation!

Starting a Christmas Tradition

Giving back to the Knoxville Non-Profits

Last Christmas we started a new tradition to support Knoxville non-profits with a helpful donation.

We know what you’re thinking…you can’t just start a tradition. But we’d beg to differ.

This year, we followed suit and decided to keep it going and actually make it a tradition.

During our company Christmas party, we made a donation to an orphanage that our founders, Dave and Sarah Glass, helped start and still continue to run. Here’s a picture of it with some fantastic lighting.

We realized this year that we should invest back into our own clients as well as back into the Knoxville community. But how?

We already support a dozen Knoxville non-profits, so why not choose one of them to give back to?

So that’s exactly what we did.

Choosing a Knoxville Non-Profit 

We asked our non-profits who we support monthly for IT services, to submit a small description of what they would use a $3,000 gift for. We then had our staff cast a vote, anonymously, to see who they were in favor of receiving the donation.

By a landslide, a newer client of ours, Susannah’s House, was the favorite amongst our staff. Here was their submission:

“A number of our moms have suffered financial loss due to job lay-offs or overdue rent or utility bills. We have a survey showing what each has lost. We would like to be able to help each one with some financial resources to help them through this tough time”

So naturally, we all wiped our eyes with a tissue, told each other we weren’t crying and collectively decided that we are so glad we can support organizations like this who make our world a better place.

Susannah’s House Really Needed IT Support

Today, we stopped by their office to deliver their very well-deserved donation and gathered as friends who feel like family.

Knoxville Non-Profit Christmas Donation

As we walked into their cozy lobby and were immediately greeted by at least five staff members who were ready to cook us a home cooked meal, we looked to our right as we saw Rebekah Fetzer, Executive Director, eagerly walking towards us with a wide smile across her face. We could see it even behind the masks.

As we made our introductions, Rebekah expressed her gratitude for our staff and the services that we provide. She exclaimed,

“You guys literally saved our lives!”

We all laughed but she assured us, that she truly felt that way. She continued to say that she “just can’t possibly know everything.”

Which is why we do what we do…to help organizations and businesses do what THEY do best, not try to figure out how be an IT guy.

After we went outside to take a celebratory picture of our two organizations coming together to help those who need it most, Rebekah made a comment that really struck us.

She said that our staff was like family to them.

“Seriously, it really does feel like family. We are so thankful for you guys.”

If you ask Jeff, one of our awesome Systems Administrators, he would quickly agree that they treat us and think of us as family. He is well-fed and taken care of each time he makes a trip for a service call. We know he isn’t complaining.

Speaking with Rebekah was a humbling and encouraging reminder that even though IT isn’t fun or exciting, it truly is making an impact to those who are making an even bigger impact. The ripple effect is powerful and we’re excited to be a part of it in Knoxville.

Knoxville Non-Profit Christmas Donation