Eject and Destroy!

Technology is ever-changing, ever-evolving. A computer 10 years ago is considered “vintage” to some companies. From 2007 – 2022 there have been over thirty-three different iPhones! The first computer took up an entire room and now it can fit in the palm of your hand. Technology is moving faster and faster every year and we are needing the next best model so that we can work efficiently and effectively. So, we get the new laptop, the new phone, the new and improved computer and we want to toss the old one.

BUT WAIT! You can’t just throw out your old technology! Your data is still on there! Yes, it’s true. Hard drives, SSD cards, jump drives, floppy disks, everything that can hold your personal information on there needs to be properly destroyed. We aren’t talking just take it to the dump, we are telling you to obliterate that data. Eradicate. Destroy. Abolish. Demolish. Terminate your old hard drives and anything that may have personal information on it. But what is the best way to do that?

Small local businesses or large corporations, New York City or Knoxville, make sure that you destroy your old equipment properly. Check out the quick video below of our CEO, Rob Glass going over a few ways to take care of your old equipment properly. Trust us, you will want to see this.