Sophos is just what the Doctor Ordered

As our world continues to evolve into truly a digital reality, we can only begin to imagine the possibilities. Soon the far-off idea of flying cars, holographic meetings, and teleportation will be happening right before our eyes. As technology develops, cybercriminals will start to become smarter and savvier, but alongside them, cybersecurity will also be tightening up their bootstraps to combat and ward off all evil hackers. One industry that we want to focus on today is the ever-growing, pharmaceutical industry.

Did you know that it is the largest and most critical industry when it comes to cybersecurity? I mean think about it…billions of people are taking medications; therefore, billions of people’s medical information is stored on some sort of server, database, or system. And with this high demand of medication across the globe it is going to equal a high threat when it comes to cybercrime.

Want to know the main culprit when there is a cyberattack? The most disastrous type towards the medical industry is still hands-down, ransomware. Yep, a hacker inserts a fake code disguising it as something from a third-party source and tricks the pharma companies into giving them confidential data.

In 2020 alone 92 ransomware attacks cost the US healthcare and pharmaceutical industry $20.8 billion! Then on top of all that mess, you have a laundry list of the domino effect of consequences. Productivity losses, halting business operations, forensic costs, business losses, legal costs, as well as loss of patient trust!

So, you may be wondering by now, why is a local computer business in Knoxville, Tennessee telling me about how easy it can be for hackers to scam pharmaceutical companies? While this may be easy for hackers, we partner with a team that knows how to handle and eradicates them and their ransomware. Sophos is a worldwide leader in next-generation cybersecurity. They protect over 500,000 organizations and millions of consumers in more than 150 countries.

Just recently they put out an article about how their products strengthen cybersecurity in the pharmaceutical industry. They go over a plethora of reasons why their products are the best and most effective toward blocking and stopping hackers.

Below we’ve included a few of the reasons why Sophos is the best in the cybersecurity industry and why pharmaceutical companies need to get Sophos:

  • Sophos relies on the cloud. More and more pharmaceutical companies are adapting to cloud-based systems for a more streamlined process and reducing their costs.
  • Sophos cloud-edge firewall uniquely delivers all-in-one protection.
  • All Sophos products work on user-identity-based policy technology, which allows pharma organizations to enforce role-based user-level controls over network resources.
  • Sophos’ data protection works to secure stored data as well as data transmitted over email, both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Sophos ZTNA ensures data access to only authorized people within and outside one’s organization by continuously validating user identity, device health, and compliance before granting access to applications and data.
  • Sophos Phish Threat educates and tests users against phishing, credential harvesting, or attachment attacks, through automated attack simulations, quality security awareness training, and actionable reporting metrics.
  • Sophos’ advanced threat prevention technologies offer pharmaceutical organizations a multi-layered approach for the widest range of protection from the latest threats.

Have we gotten your attention yet? Regardless of whether you’re in the pharmaceutical industry or not, Sophos is an amazing company and we are so honored to partner with them. Want to read more about Sophos and how they can strengthen cybersecurity in the pharmaceutical industry? Click the link below to get an in-depth look into their article. And if you want to one-up your cybersecurity, contact us and we can start your journey to a more protected cyber experience or click on the link to explore Sophos for yourself!

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