Our Top 5 Memories of 2020

Our Top 5 Memories from 2020

1. Dave Glass Retirement Celebration

For three decades our Founder, Dave Glass, led Computer Systems Plus to what it is today. 

We were blessed to invite friends, family, and colleagues from over the years to celebrate with us and send Dave off into the world of retirement.

So we threw a big party, ate some fantastic food at one of Dave’s favorite restaurants and the sweetheart of Knoxville, Calhoun’s on the River, and raised our glasses to the legacy that Dave built for his family, employees, and clients.  

Dave (right) officially passed the torch on to his son, Rob Glass (left), who has been CEO of Computer Systems Plus for the last 4 years.

We are so excited and thankful to continue providing smart, stable and secure IT support to the Knoxville and East Tennessee area.b

Retirement Party for Dave Glass of Computer Systems Plus - IT Support Knoxville
Dave and Rob Glass from Computer Systems Plus

2. Renovating Our Lobby

2020 was a pivotal year for us with many changes. 

Once we realized that COVID-19 was shaking things up for the rest of the year, we saw an opportunity to start a project earlier than expected and take advantage of time and funds that would have otherwise been used elsewhere. 

Our friends over at High Resolutions made us a killer display to give our renovated lobby a good “pop!”

Here’s the evolution of our space. It’s quite the transformation!

IT Support Knoxville Lobby
IT Support Knoxville Photo 13

3. Launch of CSP Webinars & Virtual Trainings

As COVID-19 progressed and we saw shifts in social trends, we realized that we needed to shift the way we offer value to our clients and interact with people outside our organization.  

So, we began a webinar series that focused on helping small businesses run successfully. 

We brought on guests who were local business owners, telling our audience about their businesses and how they pivoted their entire businesses in a matter of days. Or we had some of our partners come on to help guide business owners and professionals with working from home.

If you missed those, you can find the recordings, here!

A service we began to offer our clients was virtual workshop pieces of training that teach our clients how to optimally utilize software that we offer, such as Microsoft Teams. 

Since we had already set ourselves up for running webinars, it was an easy transition over to doing training at no cost for our clients, while socially distancing at the same time. 

4. Growing Our Team

Something we did not expect during COVID, was the growth of our team. 

We were lucky enough to bring on a Sales Executive and a Tier 1 Technician to further and sustain the growth of our business.

We welcomed Natare Williams as our Sales Executive in September of 2020, and Brian Wyrosdick as our new Tier 1 Technician.

5. Giving Back to one of our Clients & to a Local Business (12 Days of Christmas)

We continued a Christmas tradition of giving a financial gift to a nonprofit. This time, we wanted to make sure it was close to home, and luckily, we already support many nonprofits in the Knoxville area. So we thought, why not? Why not give back to one of our customers? 

So that’s what we did and man, we picked a good one! Susannah’s House was our chosen recipient, which our team voted on. 


Knoxville Non-Profit Christmas Donation

Our business is lucky enough to partner with some pretty awesome companies. Some of those companies were very generous this Christmas and participated in our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway which The Social Brand asked us to be a part of, along with 23 other businesses in the Knoxville and Johnson City areas. 

It was amazing to partner with these other small businesses and give back to the community which supported us so well during 2020. 

We were able to give away a pretty epic spread of swag with tech tools and resources to support the modern business professional. See our winner, Alex Abell from LunchPool, below!

IT Services Knoxville
IT Support Knoxville Giveaway
IT Support Great Customer Service