IT Support for Knoxville Chamber

Supporting Knoxville Businesses for over 35 Years

IT Support for Knox Chamber Partnership

Imagine yourself sitting down with our Founder, Dave Glass, over a cup of hot black coffee. Cut the small talk, he’d want the meat and potatoes. Most of all, he’d want you to leave feeling like a friend. 

You’d quickly realize how woven into the community we’ve been from the start. Why? We’ve been blessed enough to have supported countless businesses over the years…36 years to be exact.

The Knoxville Chamber of Commerce is one of those businesses who has trusted us with coming alongside their IT department. We help support their organization so they can efficiently and effectively support the rest of the businesses in Knoxville.

Supporting Knoxville Chamber as their Supplemental IT Provider

Knoxville Chamber IT Support

Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing their Director of IT, Kyle Beanblossom about their experience with us as their IT provider.

So, how did you originally hear about Computer Systems Plus?

“I heard about Computer Systems Plus, we actually had a relationship with Rob, he was one of our ambassadors for our ambassador program”

What problems did Computer Systems Plus solve for you?

“Computer Systems Plus actually came in at a time where we were planning on moving a lot of our systems to the cloud and they helped facilitate that. They also help us manage our servers and our network infrastructure”

What was your experience like with us? And what did you like most?

“The experience has been great so far. They have not had a problem they can’t fix. The thing I like most about Computer Systems Plus is that I have a dedicated Systems Administrator, Jamie, and he’s been great.”

Why would you recommend us to other businesses needing IT services?

“I’d recommend Computer Systems Plus, like I said earlier, their response time is great, their customer service has been really awesome and they’ve been in the game for over 30 years so they really know their stuff.”

We are lucky enough to have such great clients who are respectful and see the value that we provide for them. Thank you Knoxville Chamber for being one of them.

Watch their Director of IT, Kyle Beanblossom, talk about how we have helped the partnership!

Coming Alongside Existing IT Departments

A common misconception about IT providers is that we don’t help larger businesses who already have IT departments. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In fact, this is something that we do often. Most IT departments consist of a couple people who are expected to manage every aspect of IT for that business and entire staff. That’s a lot to handle for 1 or 2 people!

We will come in and work alongside the IT department as a supplement. NOT take away from their job. When we do this, we usually help them to be better at their job. This allows the IT department to thoroughly focus on projects that require lots of detail and time.

We help streamline processes that will allow IT departments to run smoother and more efficiently.

Another way that we can provide value to those kinds of businesses is by being a resource for sourcing hardware.

Computer Systems Plus is a trusted partner with longstanding well-known brands in the tech industry. Such as HP, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, SophosDattoMicrosoft and more. Because of this, we are able to truly be a one-stop-shop for all kinds of businesses.

We’re so thankful that the Knoxville Chamber has trusted us with their IT! And we are happy to serve Knoxville businesses by supporting the Chamber.