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Computer Systems Plus wouldn’t be who we are without our partners. Redstor being of the most recent has flown on to the scene and has flooded us with support and information for our team. They make sure we are equipped with proper training and information to explain to our clients why they should choose Redstor. Earlier this month, Business Wire came out with an article about them and how they are empowering Managed Service Providers, like ourselves, with an amazing partner program. We’ve included the article! If you’re not up for reading an entire article, check out the video below covering how Computer Systems Plus and Redstor have joined forces and why we think they are the best company to use for long-term relationships with our clients.

Redstor Empowers MSPs With Smart Partner Program, Creates Advisory Board, Adds Leadership as Momentum Continues

Benefits, Advocacy and Smart Backup Platform Lets MSPs Capitalize on Market Boom; Q3 Brings Further Growth and Continued Attraction of Experienced Talent to Redstor

September 08, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

READING, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Redstor, the smart, cloud-first backup platform of choice for MSPs, today unveiled its new All Access Partner Program. It offers MSPs co-branded online marketplaces to simplify and accelerate the sales process, including sales, marketing and technical support, attractive NFR and discount pricing, and a new Partner Advisory Board for exchanging insights with peers. All Access is designed to help MSPs capitalize on high demand for cloud-based data protection services across on-premise, cloud-native and SaaS business application workloads.

“Having a cloud-only solution to match an industry that is going 100% cloud is a logical next step versus buying hardware for a client site that needs replacing every five or six years”

Redstor has also announced the expansion of its leadership team as growth continued throughout its Q3. Linda Misauer has been named VP Software Security, and Douglas Sawyer, Director of Partner Acquisition, raising to four the number of senior industry executives to recently join Redstor.

According to IDC’s Infobrief, “Working Smarter, Not Harder,” the next two to three years will see 55% of organizations migrate systems to a cloud model to centrally manage core, edge and data protection. The report also noted that by next year, most high-ranking executives will put in place business critical KPIs based on data availability, recovery and stewardship to combat the ever-increasing volume of cyberattacks. IDC urges MSPs to act immediately and take advantage of this growing market, already valued at over $18 billion.

MSPs enlist Redstor to discover, manage and protect customer data in the simplest, smartest, safest way. It offers the broadest range of data connectors, spanning on-premise and critical cloud applications like Microsoft 365. Purpose-built for MSPs with multi-tenancy, Redstor streamlines IT workloads by centralizing the backup and management of data across entire customer environments. It’s the only solution providing cloud-first backup with near immediate, on-demand recovery of files and databases through its InstantData technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) polices backups to identify and isolate malware for safe restores. Customers and data can also be managed through one app (RedApp), so MSPs can easily set policies, fortify security and lessen the impact of breaches.

Empowering Partners

Redstor’s commitment to MSPs is absolute. The company only sells through the channel, and having started out as an MSP, it is familiar with the challenges that service providers face. This has allowed Redstor to create a uniquely powerful program with All Access and just a few of the features and benefits include:

  • Greater Efficiency: Co-branded online marketplace enables easy and efficient end-to-end onboarding of customers and upsell opportunities.
  • New Business: Lead referrals and listing in Redstor’s Partner Directory helps attract new clients.
  • NFR and MDF: Attractive NFR bundles available for partners and marketing development funds to generate new revenue streams.
  • Increased Margins: Substantially better margins, end-user pricing not published, attractive discounts.
  • Strong Sales and Marketing:Features a rich library of sales resources, including everything to develop campaigns that drive demand, ranging from customizable emails to social posts to content assets, and dedicated resources to help plan, execute and report on activity.
  • Fast, Easy Onboarding:Get setup in less than 60 seconds, no hardware or integration needed.
  • Advisory Board Access:Access to Redstor’s newly created Partner Advisory Board, enabling open, honest feedback to shape technology and services.
  • Vibrant Partner Community:Access to the REDtribe community, created to help MSPs collaborate with Redstor and industry peers.

“Having a cloud-only solution to match an industry that is going 100% cloud is a logical next step versus buying hardware for a client site that needs replacing every five or six years,” said Rob Glass, CEO of Computer Systems Plus. “Redstor is investing a lot in a single pane of glass. We can now view all our clients’ backups in one place, which is really refreshing as we just haven’t had that before, and it just keeps getting better. It’s clear Redstor is committed to providing a solution that’ll make it easier for us to maintain our clients’ backup.”

Momentum and Talent Attraction

Q3 saw momentum continue for Redstor, driven by its smarter backup and recovery and exceptional support for MSPs. In the U.S. alone, new opportunities climbed more than 500% versus the same period in 2021.

The company added several veteran executives during Q3. This includes Chief Revenue Officer, Mike Hanauer, and Channel Chief, Matt Scully, who were former co-workers. That continues with Sawyer as Director of Partner Acquisition, previously a Senior Regional Sales Executive and Team Leader with the same company. VP Software Security, Misauer, held a similar role with Doxim prior, and worked for two decades at Stiata, where she held such posts as VP of Global Solutions and CTO.

According to Sawyer; “I’ve built a career on listening to MSPs, advocating for their needs, and teaching my teams to do the same. With Redstor, I can not only ensure their voice continues to be heard, I can answer with technology that’s recognized by users as the best on the market.”

Innovation continued during Q3 as the smart platform was enhanced even further with the addition of data tagging. This lets Redstor’s MSP partners and their customers see how much of their backup is sensitive or highly sensitive, enabling them to better manage such documents and protect vital information.

In G2’s peer-to-reviews and rankings, Redstor dominates backup and disaster recovery (DR) with the highest satisfaction ratings across key categories including backup, online backup, DR and DRaaS. With the IT and services industry most heavily represented, MSPs clearly regard Redstor as the industry pace setter. In G2’s Summer 2022 report, the company took home 39 badges, besting competitors in areas from product simplicity and setup to support quality and ease of doing business.

MSPs interested in learning more about partnering with Redstor should visit our website.

About Redstor

Redstor offers MSPs a smarter backup and recovery platform, offering market-leading revenue retention, bigger margins, simple pricing, powerful marketing tools and 24×7 support. Built for the cloud and fast to scale, the Redstor platform unifies the protection of modern, legacy and SaaS infrastructure via a single app (RedApp). Breakthrough streaming technology delivers instant data access and mobility, bringing users back in seconds after outages, whilst unlocking all the benefits of a cloud-first model. Artificial intelligence (AI) polices backups to identify and isolate malware for safe restores. With no hardware requirements or minimum commitments and setup times of under 60 seconds, Redstor is purpose-built for the MSP growth agenda.

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