2022 Legal Trends Report

Over the past couple years there is no doubt that it has been a roller-coaster of ups and downs. For the IT world and the legal industry. In 2022 alone the demand for legal services has skyrocketed from the outcomes of the chaos these past years have brought us. With remote work being the hot new thing that everyone wants to do it can be challenging for anyone to create a healthy work-life balance. Sure remote works promotes a better work ethic, offers more flexibility, and not to mention the comfort of your own space, but finding the right amount of balance is key. In this years 2022 Legal Trends Report, Clio really dove into how lawyers are adapting to remote work, how their industry is ever changing and what this ultimately means for them!

If you don’t already know we partner with Clio, the number one legal software for clients, cases, billing, and more. They cover every aspect of all the current legal trends in their yearly report. This year they write about the state of the legal industry, the location of work and how it has shifted, the blurring of that work life balance or the potential lack of balance. Clio also jumps into prioritizing client needs, building an antifragile law firm, making sure hourly rates are fair and meeting individual firm’s KPIs. Not to mention a detailed collection of methodology data that they have collected.

To read the entire report we have linked it below so that your legal firm can gain the knowledge that you need to grow as a team and be better equipped to help your clients in the years to come!

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