What Type of Player Do You Wanna Be in 2022?

January is in full swing; we are halfway done with the first month in 2022. So, the ultimate question is, “How are those resolutions coming?”

Here are 6 Gadgets that you Might have Missed in 2021

Especially in our world of technology where every week Apple is coming out with a new phone, and kids these days can figure out how to solve their laptop issue by googling the answer.

10 Tech Gifts that You’ll Want to Put on your Christmas List!

We’ve searched the world wide web and let us tell you that there are so many gadgets out there! Here are just ten that we would want on our Christmas list and we think that you or someone special in your life may want as well!

Legal Trends Report 2021

Every day we are changing and adapting the way we do things for Knoxville’s IT small business community to make it better. Increasing productivity, growth in sales, impacting more people and trying to make a difference with the resources we have.

Is it Actually Better to Work from Home?

We can all confidently say that the Coronavirus Pandemic has changed a lot of the ways we do things. In some ways, for the better, even for good ‘ole Knoxville’s small businesses.

When It Comes to Screens…

In the interview, Sonia Livingstone speaks to the research used in the book, The Art of Screen Time. What does this have to do with Small Business IT? Not anything really, but if you’re like me with kids, you live a breath this stuff daily at work and at home.  

Blood Drive Event 2021

On Friday, August, 27th, we hosted a Blood Drive Event. CEO Rob Glass grilled hot dogs, and cheeseburgers for all of our donors. Our Data Security Partners from SOPHOS attended and handed out cool free socks.

IT: Jack of all Trades Vs. Niche

I came across an infographic in my LinkedIn feed a while back, the busyness of logos caught my eye. For several reasons it caused me to pause but mostly because working in the small business IT world, I am always looking to arm myself with good solutions, it comes expected of me.

Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Growing up in East Tennessee, on roads that were once cow paths, I learned that there were lots of ways to get to the same place. Sometimes, no way to get there at all.

The 10 Stages of a Business Email Compromise Attack

We at Computer Systems Plus believe it is imperative to educate our clients on the importance of identifying emails that are actual phish, versus ones that are not.