IT Spring Cleaning

Have you ever spent the weekend cleaning out a closet? It is a project that you had no desire to do once you got started, but when finished you did not know what to do with all the free space you suddenly acquired.

Our Top 5 Memories of 2020

We were blessed to invite friends, family, and colleagues from over the years to celebrate with us and send Dave off into the world of retirement.

IT Support for Knoxville Chamber

Imagine yourself sitting down with our Founder, Dave Glass, over a cup of hot black coffee. Cut the small talk, he’d want the meat and potatoes. Most of all, he’d want you to leave feeling like a friend.

Our Knoxville Non-Profit Christmas Donation!

Last Christmas we started a new tradition to support Knoxville non-profits with a helpful donation.

Do I need an IT company?

It’s the question every small business owner will ask themselves when they have begun to get in over their head with IT responsibilities, resulting in lots of google searches.

Our recent review from Dover Signature

Computer Systems Plus is proud to operate in the Knoxville, Tennessee area! Our team has been based here since our inception in 1983, and we’re committed to providing creative solutions to businesses large and small that are both strategic and innovative. As technology experts, we are leaders in providing managed IT services to B2B clients.

What is good internet, anyways?

One question we get a lot here at Computer Systems Plus is “what is good internet” or “do I have enough internet” or simply the statement, “I hate our slow internet”.

Why do you need an IT Provider?

Computer Systems Plus is an IT company that began 36 years ago as a little computer shop on Sevier Ave. Now, it is a full-service managed IT provider who caters to over 100 businesses in the Knoxville and surrounding areas…still on Sevier Ave.

Barbara Corcoran scammed for almost $400k

You’ve probably been called by a blocked number or been sent a sketchy email from someone in another country who can’t write out a full sentence.

New Questions for a New World – From the desk of Rob Glass, our CEO

This morning, like most parents, I was given the opportunity to listen in on a conversation between my 8 and 9-year-old, 18 months apart they sometimes click so well, like they are on the same level. They banter on like you are not even there, which is great and comical.